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News from the Turner family
Fall 2015


Ian's new hobby is UAVs or drones as they are called in the popular press. The photograph above is Ian's first drone which is quite small but very capable.  It is radio controlled, has gyros for automatic leveling, an altimeter, GPS receiver, a compass, a forward facing camera and video down feed which allows it to be flown using goggles that display the view from the drone, (called first person view or FPV). It has an on-screen display with artificial horizon, battery condition, direction etc. It uses LiPo batteries that allow it stay aloft for about 8 minutes. It weighs just a little over a pound but has about 0.5hp and the props can generate about 4 pounds of thrust at maximum throttle. It can go out of sight vertically in just a few seconds!  The autonomous commands include hover at a GPs location and return to home.  More capability is to come.

Also on this site is a very large photograph collection of the Turner and Thomas families dating back to 1900.  Numbering about 18000 individual photographs, they are organized into a rigorous chronological section but also into albums of selected topics.

Ian's sister Annette's untimely passing October 9th 2015 has saddened everyone and is a blunt reminder that life can be very short and should be lived to the maximum every day. May she rest in peace.

The trip to England for the funeral was also a time to reacquaint with seldom visited relatives and we were able to make contact with our cousins Jacqui, Susan, Jane and Vicky. We also met with the sisters from both sides of the family, (except for Lynne). We hope to make trips to the UK more often when Ian retires.

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Updated Sunday, November 22, 2015